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Ok...can I get a rewrite?

I'm rewriting this thingy because... well I can XD.

I've changed my name from fallenangelkimmy to MadHatterOfCymru because... I dunno but i did so live with it!... please.

I love manga and anime sooooooo much. and I also have a creepy borderline insane obsession with vampires. That's mainly what I write about but I doubt you'll be seeing any manga works from me in the near future. Although I have a few other story idea's other than Life with a vampire so look out for them .

I'd like to also take this oppertunity to let everyone know that my good friend... aka my pimp -.-"... on here known as ' 00.03 The Rumor ' is an amazing artist and I'm in love with her writing too. We're currently working on a colaboration between a number of our stories we've planned to upload in the future but that may not be for a while... if ever lol.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you like my work.



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