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As I walk the snow flutters down I am treading a new path in the white earth I look up and I see her a beauty so stunning none can match I’ve fallen for her as she shushes by I open my heart and I love you spills out she looks at me in a humorous way and moves on I stand crushed for eons.

Barely evolved with thoughts of her still lurking I move on the rain is now pouring and life jumps forth and army of young ones pushes back the old I shed my jacket and dawn a bright yellow rain coat as if to steal the eyes of a young woman i continue on my path many pass but none have faces right then a pure face rounds the corner she glances at me and walks by such a beauty I’ve never seen I cut my stitched heart open and I love you tumbles out she turns looks at me with hate filled eyes I stand crushed for eons.

Unevolved and wounded I move on the sun is beating down with brilliant rays and my heart is bubbling but I continue on my lonesome path I shed my rain coat and shirt like bad memories i toss them too the ground i continue on my path just then she comes from behind and passes me such a divine body I call too her she turn and looks at me with such inviting eyes I in turn peal the scabs from my heart and I love you oozes out but she runs away I call to her but she just runs I stand crushed for eons.

The leaves have turned and the wind is now brisk and I have shed all that protects me and my heart has failed nothing flows within.

This is by my friend who has asked to remain anonymous. I love his work =D

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