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Warning: I'm addicted to writing verbose reviews and have a tendency to try to pick apart and predict plots. I take the same sick pleasure in writing reviews as I did while writing papers in college. Writing reviews for stories posted on the internet is free. Graduate school is not. If my persistent plot picking is annoying, just reply and say so and I'll stop. Otherwise I'll continue to be obnoxious.

Pointless information about me:

My name is Jess. I live in the woods of New Jersey (yes there are trees in NJ). I'm fairly addicted to yaoi and slash but I do read other things too. I have been known to write when the spirit moves me, though I rarely finish anything. Hence the dearth of stories on this page. I hate finding unfinished and abandoned work online so I won't inflict mine on the unsuspecting populace. My true joy lies not in writing, but in reading and editing. And reviewing. Because sometimes, unlike writing a lit paper, the author actually reacts to what you say. That is what I find so addictive. I've been known to lose many an entire night's sleep reading online.

I do have one or two things that might eventually be complete enough to expose to the world. One day I will upload them, really.

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