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Hello, I'm Michael. A small bit about myself to start. I am a protection professional for a living, and while that does limit my time to write and read, I do still like to do both when I can. I don’t have an impressive list of books I have read, but I have enjoyed every one that I could finish. The Doom books, The Wayfarers Redemption, Halo : Fall of Reach, Outsiders, and so on... not going to list all of them.

A bit about my writing. I like to try and make something that not only appeals to me, but might also appeal to others. As a story teller I don’t just write for myself, but for others as well. It's always good to hear if some one liked your work, not just for the confidence boost. Knowing some one enjoyed what you wrote is a good feeling, because you know that just for a little they laughed, or cried with you while experiencing what you wanted to share.

Thank you for taking the time to read this small profile. It may get updated or changed as time goes on. I look forward to placing more stories on this site, just so people can see it. And please, if you have any advice, or comments on any work I place, feel free to give a review. Advice is welcome, and so are opinions. Thank you again for reading these words of mine, and joining on the infinite story telling journey.


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