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I'm so sorry to those of you who read A Tale of Mercacia. It's...on a very very very very very long hiatus. very. (probably infinite) I've been trying to get the best gpa possible in school since i'm in high school now (so i figured i need to get my priorities straight) (and my brother seems to find "GPA whore" as an adequate term for me...to which i don't care) and i've been trying to work on other stories and all that other crap. please forgive me. and don't read it if u haven't yet...it's pretty bad. terrible, actually.

Ok...so all I'm saying is that my name is Katarina and I live in the US. Happy?

my da account is if u wanna visit! i'm not that good yet though...and i almost never take the time to draw/post anything...but my friends on there are pretty awesome!

Fav. Books: there are too many to remember...but some of my fav. books of are by Tamora Piece, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Eragon/Eldest/Brisingr, The Unicorn Chronicles, Acorna, Stravaganza, and all that other stuff...

Music: there's so much music i love, but my favorite /ever/ is Nell. they're Korean...but go check them out!!

Animes: FMA, FMP Fumoffu, Ouran High School Host Club, DNAngel, Air, Tsubasa Chronicles, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, DNAngel, Gakuen Alice, Kiki's Delivery Service, Chrono Crusade, and many many others.

Interesting Fact #1: I've played piano, my vocal chords, clarinet, and the cello. In that order, though the piano and singing can obviously be switched. So I'm VERY music oriented. can't live w/o it. actually...i can't do anything without it. But frankly, i prefer listening to it rather than playing.

Interesting Fact #2: As much as I like reading literature, I didn't really even bother to think I was good enough to write any of my own. But now I'm trying. Better to try and fail than never to try at all.

Interesting Fact #3: I like bunnies, unicorns, squirrels, dragons, fuzzy blobs, chocobos, moogles...and many other creatures (mostly fantasy) (and of course..lorems! --which aren't sheep, as amazingly hilarious as that notion is, lol)...oh, and don't forget: pretty boys~ =P (yesh...very shallow here...=D)

Interesting Fact #4: I'm a computer/video game freak and I love KH, KH2 (kingdom hearts), FF (final fantasy), DDR (dance dance revolution), (wow...these are all acronyms!!), DMC, DMC3 (devil may cry), and ZELDA!!the only one that ISNT an acronym XP but i haven't had much time to play lately :'(

Interesting Fact #5: I have practically no life...AND IM HAPPY ABOUT IT!!...somewhat.

Interesting Fact #6: My lucky number is seven, so I'm going to put 7 interesting facts. Oh, and my birthday is October 17th. =D

Interesting Fact #7: I LOVE sushi, ramune, ramen and lotsa other stuff.

FYI: in case you haven't noticed, I love lots of japanese/korean/chinese (oriental) things, despite the fact that I'm not even oriental. Im wierd, and im proud of it! I'm actually 1/2 indian and 1/2 greek.

oh yeah. i also have words i use a lot...:





oi / oy







anyways...plz read TAFLBLAH (i think that's what i named it...can't remember xDD. I'm currently working on a little project of my own that's similar to the whole nanowrimo idea (and failing miserably...but that's besides the point.) i doubt i'll ever post it or let anyone read it. but just so you know...that's what i'm doing. and i'm also considering not ever rewriting ATOM. atom...haha. all my acronyms sound funny...taflblah and atom.

also...a lot of the people I've let read "More than Once" really liked it, so if you're looking for something short and sweet, please read. =3

...and last, but not least...reviews are always welcome. =) every single one is appreciated to the utmost extent.

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