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Hello all, I appreciate all the reviews and constructive criticism. I haven't added anything new here for some time and plan to remedy that soon. As for what is currently up, I have decided to take down a number of them. Primarily because I don't think they are quite ready yet for public consumption, or in some cases, may never be.

The two stories I can promise you I hope to get working on soon is the Escalos Empire and the Forgotten Future series. These both I hold dear, and would love to give them both the attention they deserve.
Some of the stories that will most likely never see the light of day in their current form are 'The Dragonchildren', 'Dark Soldier', and a couple of my poems. The Dragonchildren and Dark Soldier have a good chance to being remade into more focused and manageable short stories. Both of them I never really had a strong direction I planned on taking them so they may require a bit of thought.

About myself: Human. Male. Seventeen. Writer. Reader. Spell-check worshipper. Australian—a bit short for the summary of my life but hey, I wont waste your time.

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