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Well where shall I start...

OK. Well I'm a Freshmen in college. I am currently pursuing an Associates degree in Social Work in Child Welfare along with a minor in Journalism.

I love to write!! Writing started as a hobby when I was in 8th grade. I write when I get mad or when I'm stressed. I love writing because it takes me to another place...another world. A world full of peace and relaxation. In this world of peace, I can relax and let out all my stress and not have to worry about life's daily problems. In some ways writing makes me feel like life will be OK. The three stories that I have posted I am still working on them. There might be small mistakes here and there. So bare with me!! I know that I'm not as good as other writers but hopefully with a lot of work and dedication I will get there.

Music I listen to while I write (I know random right!! lol):


Fall Out Boy

Linkin Park

Daft Punk

along with a nice tall glass of orange juice :)

Favorite books that I think are awesome!

Amanda Ashely - Dead Perfect

Nights Kiss

Sunlight Moonlight

If you love vampire romance. These books are like the best!

Steven King:Dreamcatcher (My personal fav)

The Dark Half

The Dead Zone.

Ooohhh the wonders of Steven King. Ok really, He's a well know writer; his books are classic and timeless, well in my eyes they are.


Ok so the stuff is random but that's what people know me as. RANDOM!

Hope you enjoy the stories that I have posted!

Please R & R!

I am open to help and concerns along with the good ol advice to help the story.

I love vampire and zombie stories. They can be horror or romance or something else. I will read them! I've always been attracted to dark stories I guess.

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