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Okay, basics:

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Writing(obviously), drawing (okay, not so obvious), and harrassing my devil cat, Sydney.

My current location: Wherever my mind wishes to go...which is mostly to the yaoi section of any book store.

Things about me: I'm hypocritical. I like description but find that, in my stories, my thoughts are too scattered to paint the picture my mind has painted; and, in my art, I'm too impacient to get it all down. For most things in life, I can wait forever, but for other things, I just can't. I have been known to be kind and pacient, but for other, small things, I blow up. I'm steady and unstable. Observant and oblivious. I've been told that I appear fairly confident in myself, but feel most of the time too shy to actually say much. It's a work of god if I talk during school, but it's impossible to shut me up at home. I've been known to be unbelievably stubborn when I choose to do something, but find that I'm rather indecisive. I hate being in charge, but will rise to the occasion if something needs guidence. I give advice to friends about relationships when I had never like anyone enough to actually ever be in one. I love humour, but I also love angst. You will most likely find an interesting mxture of both in my writings. I feel as if I'm waiting for something...anything...big to happen, but find that I'm happiest on a Saturday when I can just sit at my computor or outside or do nothing in particular at all. I'm smart, but I don't care enough to apply myself. I love my eyes, but kill them slowly by staring at this harsh computor screen all day. I hate my too old laptop that only works when he wants to, but refuse to get a new one.

See? I'm just chalk full of hypocritical facts.

What I dislike: Arguements, though I do find myself in quite a few "discussions". I don't care for mexican food, or anything spicy, for that matter and...I don't really see the point in writing any of this since you probably don't care anyway.

If you like Naruto Fanfiction, then look me up: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1384946/The_Forest_Whispers


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