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My name is Tiffanie, most people know me though as a variety of nicknames. I prefer Tyffn, Amai, or Gryffin. I'm eighteen years old, and honestly, I hated highschool, but being an adult sucks. I want a refund on my short-lived childhood please. I'm living in Wyoming, otherwise know as the seventh level of hell.

I've been having a lot of trouble writing these past couple of months, but I'm working on typing a ton of my handwritten stuff to post on here. I'm going to hide on fanfiction.net for a while and try going back to my old vice, see if that helps any. I hope to get back on the writing train before I start college in August.

Now, off the assumption that most of you found yourself on my profile by reading something I wrote, I offer a warning. This would be directed at those of you who read something that wasn't full of homosexual tendencies. I like slash. Specifically, Yaoi. You have been warned, therefore, read at your own risk. I'm not holding you at gunpoint, and being a bisexual teenager in America, I've got enough issues with having to deal with people harping on my writing and morales. Thank you.

I'm an easygoing person, and if you take the time to review something of mine, or even add it to your favourites list, I'll take a look at your stuff, and will return the favour.

If you ever need help with anything pertaining to writing, want to co-author something, need a beta, or just want to talk, send me a private message, I'll respond.

As a last note, Thank you to all that review, it really makes me happy that at some point I was able to spin out something that entertained someone for a little while.

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