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What can I say? It's been fun, fictionpress is how I got into writing. Truth is now, I've outgrown it, I'm not saying people who are still here are immature, but I don't have the time or the will to write stories and get no critical responses. I do want everyone that I've ever interacted with on this site has influenced me; some more than others, but everyone and their works have helped better me as an author. I haven't put down the pen, but I have quit fictionpress as a whole. fanfiction as well. I'm done with social writing. To everyone who reads this, good luck, fanfiction has immensely honed and sharped my skills in writing, and I hope it does the same for yours. But for now, I'm done. Goodbye everyone.

As always, everyone Read, Enjoy, And Discuss. (R.E.A.D)

Farewell fanfiction,

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