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Reviews? Need reviews for your stories? I would be more than happy to trade reviews with anyone who drops by my page. I try to only leave well thought out and proper critiques when I read stories. Need reviews? Need ideas and feedback on your writings? Then lets start... Review trading! Because let's face it... Whether your an experienced writer or a new one, we all need love right?

StopthePress Monthly Newsletter! Here's a link to the Fictionpress page where you can find info about their monthly newletters. Everyone would appreciate feedback and/or participation.

You may also find me on Fictionpress' sister site fanfiction as the same pen name, there is a lot to read and I would love some more reviews and tips on how I can write better. Here's the link.

Pimpspace! -- This space is dedicated to excellent writers that I feel, warrant some light for those that view my profile. (All nine of you) Rose7 is an amazing writer that many, including myself, could learn a lot from. She really feels the words as she "pens" them out. Heatless Flame does action very well. His simple narrative holds a lot of liquid fluidity to it. Each sentence leads you nicely into the next. Disturbly is also quite good. My favorite from him is his superhero story. Lastly I'd have to say that I am one of my favorite writers as well, despite the love/hate relationship I have. twitch

To those that place reviews, or send PMs, about my stories I greatly appreciate it! It's like a boost of confidence to keep going, thanks to all that have reviewed my stories thus far. Check out Stop the Press on here for writing tips, hilarious articles and a writing challenge!

What else? I like to read action/adventure and even some romance but what I love most is a purpose-filled writing style that has goals and is what I'd like to describe as 'romantically intriguing'. After several years of college level English by strict and obsessive teachers I, too, love to look at the wording and formations of sentences; how a story flows and what the writer's vision feels like to me as I travel their imagination.

Currently Reading -- Gotrek And Felix: The First Omnibus - An awsome warhammer 40k novel. Have a writer you think it awsome? Send me a message with the writers name and book so I can check them out!

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