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My favourite authors are Laurie R King, David Brin and Orson Scott Card. Some of my favourite books are 'The Bee-Keeper's Apprentice', 'A Grave Tallent", 'His Dark Materials Trillogy', 'Ender's Game', A Wrinkle in Time', 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden', 'The Uplift Trillogies', 'Across the Nightengale Floor', and 'The White Darkness', To name just a few...

I am very passionate about science,and I'm currently reading Marine Biology and Oceanography at University, which I'm enjoying a lot. In my spare time (not that I get much) I go rock climbing, I'm an amature astronomer and spend all clear nights leaning procariously out of our bathroom skylight! I also love reading, sleeping, basketball, my friends, harpsichord, listening to music and eating lots and lots of icecream.

I love writing and have wild ideas that get started with great urgency and then get long and complicated and never finished. Over the past couple of summers I've been working to address this and to stick on one project long enough to see it get somewhere! I also try my hand at poetry.

Thanks for stopping by my page! Please review my works, all criticisms are greatly appreciated, the favour shall be reciprocated.



Old Scars:

CHAPTERS 9 and 10 BOTH REVISED BOTH UP! ENJOY!! :) Huge thanks to all who have reviewed. I'm very grateful.

N.B. Note from the author:

This story is an original work of fiction; none of the events or characters depicted here are based on true events. Any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. I have not done any proper in-depth research for this story (but know that I desperately need to) so if I have gotten any facts wrong, I apologise and would very much appreciate any pointers or instruction. Thanks

Sectrets Between the Pages

Desperate need of reviews. Revamped most of the chapters!! Have added more dialogue and character development. Currently up to chapter 9, but 7, 8 and 9 are still fluid and rough, and need remoddleing. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!

Are You Still Here?

CHAPTER 8 FINALLY HERE!! It's not complete but that's what I've got so far. I'm working on it's development at the moment, never fear. Enjoy! Big thanks to all who have reviewed.

Swallowed by Shadows:

Currently ground to a standstill. Sorry about that. Again I have the ideas, and the story is planned and just waiting to be written. Updated pending. Possibly over xmas...

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