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I'm CD and I'm probably not one of the most interesting people you'll ever read about on an fp profile page. I write realistic fiction strories that all have some sort of romance in it. I'm a firm beleiver that a story isn't interesting if there is no hint towards romance at all. Sorry Ender's Game fans...

Every now and then I'll write something political. I'm a neo- conservative, which is something that is widley outniumbered on this site. I do have a few liberal opinions on the issues of Gay rights and the Death Penalty. But I won't go into that right now. I love arguing and making people pull their hair out with arguments that either a) make no sense or b) make perfect sense but are so different from their opinion that they think they make no sense. It's rather fun to bug people like that. I'm on the debate team at my school, so arguing is my forte.

I'm captain of my highchool swim team and am in all AP classes with A's and high B's, so I'm a smarty. Alot of my characters will usually be like me in one characteristic(at least) but I usually like to differentiate them in some way. I think my life is too boring for it to make an interesting read, so I have to create stories that are like super exciting versions of my life. But alot of people here would understand that, I expect.

The story that I am actively working on is the one I want most people to read:

Invisible is the story about a girl named Sarah Aster who feels unnoticed. She knows she's pretty, she just lacks the ability to talk to people easily. Her story will take her through alot, eventually leading up to breaking out of the shell that held her back for so long. Lots of romance and fluff because everybody likes that stuff!!

Actors/actresses that would play my characters if Invisible were a movie:

Sarah Aster : http:///media/rm1754373376/nm0515116

Forrest Norrington: http:///media/rm2764020992/nm0199215

Hannah Willis: http:///media/rm3055982080/nm1415323

Zac Castro: http:///media/rm1779996160/nm1210124

Mary Cool: http:///media/rm3911817984/nm0829576

Clay Greer: http:///media/rm1618382848/nm1544217

Ana Cervantez: http:///media/rm3022756352/nm0444223

Jenna Matthews: http:///media/rm3682245376/nm0005441

Kailey Bell: http:///media/rm3069416960/nm0993507

I LOOOOOOOVE reviews and the people who review!!

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