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Hello, I'm Ramora Rayven.

Pretty straight forward, don't you think? But I suppose you want to know more. Well, I'm 15 for starters. 15 1/2 if you want to be more precise. I've been writing since the tender age of 8, but that doesn't necassarily mean I'm any good.

I started out in the Hanson fandom. It's basically all I wrote and read 24 hours a day. Then as the Hanson mania died down, and eventually taking the Hanson forum, I moved to the next best thing. Harry Potter.

I've been an avid reader for over a year now. I've read the books and seen the movies countless times. But for some odd reason it never occured to me till only a couple months ago to write Harry Potter fic. So, I began to read it. Here and at . As time progressed, plot bunnies attacked and I could no longer deny writing.

Thus ending me here, coming full circle, really. Right now I'm working on one long length fic, Words of a Serpent. Along with my longish one shot, The Violin. As well as my one shots, A Giant Saved Me, Ten Thousand Roses, and The Christmas Tofurkey.

So I encourage you to leave a review, whether it be praise or [constructive] criticism. Either way it motivates me to write and continue on with something I may not be good at, but certainly love. So there's my fanfic life story in a nutshell.

P.S. Check out Ociwen, my wonderful beta for Words of a Serpent and also a wonderful writer :-)

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