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Your probably interested in reading my stories. Your not? Then why are you on this page? Are you stalking me? Probably not. I'm just paranoid. ANYWAY!

About Me:

Name: is undercover, so just call me Riley

Age: is almost 15

Birthday: August 2, 1994

Favorite Book in Print: I love this book called "Match Me If You Can"

Favortie Book Online: is so hard to choose...but I looooove the Playing House Series

Favorite Sport: Tennis or Archery. Love them both :)

Reading, Writing, or Poetry: Actually, all three. Love them all. Although I have yet to put my best poems up yet...maybe with some encouragement.

Summer Cinderella

Update updated : March 18, 2009

My baby :) SC. It shall (what a cool word...) be cute, sweet, funny, romantic, and two pov's. Chapter Two UP! Now I'm attempting to write Ellie's POV again!! Oh, the joy. But, I'm sure that y'all will like what I got planned. Well, let me put it this way. As readers, you'll be happy. As authors, you'll think that this thing should not have happend yet :). Well, maybe...

Status : Third Chapter should be up soon!

Ellie's pictures :

I need a picture of Ellie, so feel free to find one for me. Think Modern Cinderella-y. Long enough hair for Cinderella, and worn up, but not in the Cinderella hair-do. Or short pixie hair works too... Actually, just send anything you think looks like Ellie. Same for James.

http:///prom_dresses/prom_dress_USA02.htm - Picture of a dress she wears in the future

Elle Woods, meet Kennedy Anne Davis

Real summary : I'm an actress! Not an overly ambitious blonde that's trying to win back her boyfriend by going to law school. So why am I pretending to be one in our musical? It probably has something to do with being forced by my friends...

Summary that makes sense : Kennedy (Kady) Anne Davis is an actress. Each grade at her high school puts on a musical each year. This year, her Junior class is putting on Legally Blonde: The Musical. Her crush is playing Warner, and her enemy is her Emmett. What will happen?

Status: Coming out when I finish Surviving the Summer

So thanks for visting my profile, and please read the stories and poems :)

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