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“Go for long walks, indulge in hot baths, question your assumptions, be kind to yourself, live for the moment, loosen up, scream, curse the world, count your blessings, just let go, just be.” – Carol Shields

My Formspring: http:///fpdontneedyou



--I'm still trying to figure everything out about myself.
--Call me crazy, but I just can't enjoy reading fantasy. For some reason, it just doesn't intrigue me at all.
--Even tiny compliments make my day. Someone noticing just makes me feel great.
--I adore animals. I mean...how could you not? SNUUGLEH BUGGLEH. :)
-- My favourite movies are: The Hangover, Inception, Dinner for Schmucks, Sherlock Holmes, The A-Team, Due Date, Limitless and Source Code. They are amazing movies.
--I am Canadian

--I'm always changing. I can't stick with something for a long time. Example: I'll like photography for a couple of weeks or months, then give it up. I'd get a haircut or a piercing and not like it after. I want to get a tattoo in the future, but I'm scared I'll not like the design afterward.
--Being tired makes me strangely hyper. Like to the extent that people think I'm on something
--I like styling and cutting hair, but I also adore writing, and photography, and psychology, and art, and fitness and working with animals.
--I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older.
--I love long reviews and I love replying to them.
--I dislike it when you leave a review on someone's story and they don't reply back in any way. If someone's going to give the effort to read your work and review it, you should at least show that you're thankful for it. Just in the least.

--If I read something, I almost always leave a review. Unless I honestly don't have time at that moment.
--I love my music.
--I love all of you, cause you're amazing.


Coldplay, John Mayer, Three Days Grace,The Fray Rise Against, Kings of Leon, OneRepublic, System of a Down, Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5.

My all time favourite, as in almost like ecstasy:


...L I K E S...

I like Coldplay a lot. Someone needs to talk to me about my obsession.
And I like Music with meaning.
So I love sunglasses. I have nine pairs, for no reason.
I like green objects. green is my fav.
I like healthy stuff.
I love my family, and my friends so much.
I like it when I'm expecting something worse and I get something better.
And, yeah. At times, life can be pretty all right :)

Finished Fun:

--Undeniable Feelings (A one-shot)

--(I'd finished TOOIMY as well, but as of now, it's removed.)


In Progress Fun:




Boundless: He was the epitome of tall, perverted and inevitably handsome. She longed to stay far, far away before she fulfilled her urge to impulsively strangle him. He didn't know what to make of this feisty, redheaded beauty. He just knew that he had to have her. (My latest obsession.)

Undeniable Feelings: A one-shot! “Devon,” she breathed, tears streaming slowly down her pale face, “I’m crying because I love you.” She was obstinate, idiotic and naïve. That didn't stop him from loving her back. (My sole one shot. I'm kinda content with it, actually. For now. Check it out! :D )

The Only One in My Heart: Um, After many years of being unsure about this story, I had finally finished it, mostly because I promised I would. I've seriously been working on this story for four years, on and off. So, now, I can let these characters finally go and devote myself to newer things. --and, as of now, TOOIMY is permanently removed.

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