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Name: Tanya

Age: 20

Birthday: December 23

Country: United States

Hello! My name is Tanya, and I'm a junior in college. Writing has always been a passion of mine (though, I confess I might not be that wonderful at it) but I am pursing a degree in Biology. I've been writing on and off for years but I'm hoping that I'll really stay 'on' this time. I really look forward to constructive criticism and support, so please, feel free to comment!

- Something I'd also like to confess is that TTTOTGS has been my brain child for many years (About 6 to be exact). I posted various version of this story on Fictionpress and even won a SKOW award for it. However, my readers must have been really annoyed by my constant rewriting -- the plot, the characters they kept changing. I was never satisfied with the writing or the voice I was using. . . it was never really me. But something important that I learned is that, a person may never be truly happy with what they are writing. They could spend years trying to create something interesting and changing the plot but you have to FINISH or you may never have a novel. So the NEW and DIFFERENT version of the Travelling Tales of the Gypsy Sun is a rough draft, and likely the only draft that will be posted. I promise.

That is all. :)

P.S. Don't forget to review my stories! ;)

The Travelling Tales of the Gypsy Sun is also posted on Wattpad and Figment. It is the same version, just over different mediums.

Please do not steal my work. :)

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