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First, before I even introduce myself, I'd like to thank those who read my work, and also for those who leave reviews.
You know it, I love them. :)

So, what now? More about me?

Name: Megan Ariano (Of course, that's not my real name. Lol)
Age: doesn't really matter
Nationality: Filipino

All my stories are currently in English. I hope you enjoy them.

One last thing. I'm sort of a perfectionist so I tend to reread and edit my works often. It gets me through some serious writer's block too.

Stories' full info and status (including planned updates) see below :)

1.) Pendulum


If there was one thing I learned when Stanley Rayver came into my life, it was that I really didn’t know who I was.
But I am more than grateful for knowing him.

For as the fate of a world I never knew existed was placed on my hands, he never left my side.

Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Mystery

Characters (so far):

Cameron Krow (written in her point of view)
Stanley Rayver
Andrea Samuel
Sophia Rayver
Haidee Rayver
Eliot Rayver
Raymond Rayver, Jr.
Caroline Rayver
Theresa Rayver
Raymond Rayver, Sr.
David Samuel
Fred Brandon
Safrin Mathieu
Alisha Knyvette
Pier Dupuis
Humphrey Belden
Avis Lilburne

Updated: 04/22/13

Chapter 13: Dire Dispositions

2.) What It Means to Be


I'm Death.
Her brother was supposed to die.
Somehow, she managed to stop me.

Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Humor

Characters (so far):

Gregory Drone (Death) (written in his point of view)
Heather McWayne (Human)
Lian Sorrows (Death)
Henry Darmont (Death; Head)
The Keepers
Dan McWayne (Human)

Updated: 7/10/11

Chapter 6: Arrangements

3.) Silver


In a world of deception and chaos, Kairi is known as the Devil’s Doll, a heartless assassin for hire.
Recruited by the Syndicate, she sets out with a group of equally talented people and unravels a secret that could mean the end of the world.

Genre: Action/Supernatural/Mystery

Characters (so far):

Kairi/Hana/Devil's Doll/Silver
Naegene Family
The Syndicate

Updated: 07/30/11

Chapter 4: Intuition

Planned Update: 06/29/14

Chapter 5: Justified Actions

I'm kinda updating more often now. I don't know. My mind just kept on working and working through the stories. So anyway, I hope you enjoy reading them.


25 June 2014
I have been on one hell of a hiatus. Gah. Good thing I already did the outline so I can definitely pick up where I've left off. I've actually started continuing one of the drafts I totally forgot about and left unfinished. Hope to be able to update at least one story til the weekends. :))

(Disclaimer : I do not own the picture I used as profile. I edited it a little but it's still not mine. :D)

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