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Before you proceed- people always say they want constructive criticism, but in reality they can never handle it. In reality most just want blind compliments, and I admire those of you who have been able to handle my extremely critical reading. So if you're thinking about asking me to edit but can't stand the heat- don't ask. I will be very critical on both content and grammar- that will not change. I always emphasize the good parts of someone's writing, but I'll never stop addressing the bad. I would love to edit for those who think they can handle it :) Thank you to all of those who have had my edit their work before- I consider it an honor and a privilege.

Hey everybody! First off- I'm very sorry about removing my stories. I may or may not re-post or create new stories at one point, but I will always be extremely grateful to all those who read and enjoyed them.

I can't beta anymore because of the removal, so I'm quite sorry about that too. I am, however, still completely willing to edit and review via email. I've always enjoyed reading all your stories and will continue too.

My C2 is still extremely active! It is a great archive of good M-rated stories of all kind. Check it out :)

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