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Dear Fictionpress...

Thank you for the last few years... they have been... well... people reading my work and all that, receiving reviews, it's been amazing... literally, heartwarmingly amazing...

However, in spite of this, my work has been stolen... put on Amazon by an impostor and somehow made profit from... she has destroyed the faith I had in other writers. This is supposedly a friendly and nurturing community for writers. And June Ashley, if that is her real name, has destroyed this. She has stolen loads of other people's work and I'm not going to stand for this.

June Ashley almost broke my heart when I found out she had stolen something I'd worked so hard on, but it does prove what this site never could to me... my work is good enough to be published... people will buy my stories. I've loved having my stories on here. The money doesn't actually bother me, I like that other people can read my work for free but I need to know that they are reading it in MY name.

As much as it pains me dear readers, I'm shutting down. Removing my stories so that they cannot be stolen and getting copyrighted. I'm leaving this account open as a warning to other users. Be careful what you publish here, dear writers, don't let something you take pride in get destroyed like this. Don't let people like June Ashley ruin your faith!

To my wonderful readers and supporters, I say thank you. It has been a wonderful few years.

Love to you all

R.J.Warrren... or Becca if you so prefer...

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