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Kim Bell
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Hey there! I'm Kim, obviously. Welcome to my humble page of description.

Basically in a short about me, I love to play tennis, I read all the time (Fictionpress or not), I love to write, I like to say I'm very intelligent academically, I adore my dog, I am a Catholic girl, and I have a large family. I guess that's a bit much to absorb all in one sentence. :)

Anyway, you've probably noticed that I don't have anything up storywise as of now. That will change (hopefully) very soon. I have been considering a storyline for a few months now, and I've just begun planning it out. When I'm done with that, I shall commence writing. I'll give you a summary when I get a little further along - right now I'm not 100 percent positive where I'm going with it. But I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for visiting!


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