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I'm the girl in the red sweater and vest combo poking that chick's nose.

I like people, places, and things- most nouns actually.

And I like to go by Skivi.

Stories IP:

Undercover Agent Ulysses: basically about a chick who goes to borading school as a undercover body guard for this rich jerky guy. My first "experiment" in writing a chick lit, fluffy romance shit. Yeah. Allthough it's a bit stupid I like it. So if you don't whatever soulja man.

Honsest Abe: MY BABY! I really like Carter as a character. This has a little more of an angsty tone and its more realistic. About your average girl. Not plain jane, not popular, not nerdy. Just everyday and the most exciting events of her everyday life. Though not much actually happens I like how the characters react. Basically Carter finds a cursed lucky penny and meets people. not new people, people she knows. But it's like she's meeting them for the first time.

Futures & Discontinued:

Rude Crude Jude: quick sum- Grealine Marlsbrow had a crush on a sweet boy named Jude four years ago. She got over that crush quickly when she moved away. Fastfoward four years, and she has long forgotten that crush, but not the boy. Jude grew up into a crude and rude young man. Coincidentally, they have about four out of six classes together this year. Lucky Grea. (Discontinued until further notice...eh sorry)

Home Bitter Home: quick sum- About the "bitter" life of Cameron Lettleson and her horrible family. It takes her new neighbors Joshua and Jacob to realize maybe her home life isn't so bitter after all. FUTURE.

A Flower Named Oleander: quick sum- Oleander gets betrayed by her Best friend Ellen unknowngly. What she also doesn't know is who she actually is, her best firend Ellen's real name, and why a boy named Jaden and her get sent to a place called Jacoby through her locker. What Ellen doesn't know is that Jaden is there. And Jaden? Well he just doesn't know anything. FUTURE.

Parental Unit Number Two: quick sum- Shiloh Needly never referred to her parents as parents, but rather parental units; seeing as they weren't around so much. Her father walked out before she was born. Her mother was a workaholic until she went under a coma. Now alone and curious she sets out to find the father she never knew. Along the way she meets the brother (?) she never knew she had. FUTURE.

Yes I have a myspace, and no, I will not give it out.

Email me morons-I mean-lovely people.

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