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11.03.11 - Wow, I haven't been on my actual account for so long. First of all... I deleted my two stories. TT TT . . . But I have plans of writing another one...

Quick Facts

Name: Sung Young :) or JayJay
Birthday: May

See how quick that was..?


It's been two years since I've actually bothered to fix my profile... and my stories!

Okay, so first of all I removed both my stories because I read through them and I cringed D: Really did not like my writing style back when I was younger ahahaha :D
I thought I was doing a good job when I posted it in 2009 ... or was it 2008? Anyway, now three years later - looking back on it... not liking it that much anymore TT Tt
I hope that my English has improved :)

When I'm going to write another story, I am going to be very sure I'll do proper drafts and plan the whole storyline first!

I'm currently in the midst of another, yes another, story and I'm hoping that it'll be better than the other ones I've done :)


Complications of Boarding Schools - REMOVED.
Hiding behind masks -

Story I'm working on:

Stuck in the Middle -

Summary: I didn't know anything about him... only that his mom needed my help. What kind of help? Well that's where it gets interesting. I'm his new matchmaker - and just to be clear it's not my usual occupation. I'm usually a full time high school student nearly graduating. So now I'm going to be staying with them over the holidays at their "holiday house" up in the hills - which is kind of why I agreed, because I was attracted to the lovely scenery - trying to get him and his childhood friend together. Might I remind you that his crazy but lovable mom is adamant that they were meant to be and that they both harboured secret feelings for each other; only both were to shy to say anything. However upon my arrival it's hard to imagine that he could like anyone especially because of that permanent pissed off/ cocky/ nonchalant/ egotistical attitude he shows me and ... pretty much everyone else.


Antarctica -
Poem written when I was in year 7 :D
Hurt, My feelings -
Poem written when I was in Year 8 :)

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