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As you can probably tell, I am more of a reader than a writer... and if you're reading this right now, you are most likely looking for information (about me?). So i shall give it to you...

I'm 17, live in Canada and am brown, but am in love with all things asian (oriental) (like my picture!). Currently all I can think about are all things korean, japanese and taiwanese... namely BIG BANG!! (the loves of my life!!) and dramas xD oh and the dreaded university... I LOVE Harry Potter as well (the other love of my life!). and I dislike Twilgiht/Stephenie Meyer. a lot. Well... there really isn't much to say seeing as I have no stories published (I blame my laziness and procrastinating nature) but I will say this:

I am a sucker for hate-love stories... you know those stories where the two main people hate each other then fall in love... yeah those ones. Except that when they do fall in love... I tend to loose interest in the story... seeing as it becomes way too mushy, and I just can't do mushy.

I am also a sucker for guys in k-pop (BIG BANG!! 5 of the hottest guys alive! xD). and good stories. you've got to have the good stories.

(I'm a girl btw... if you hadn't already figured that out by the numerous mention of "hot guys" =P)

Some more things I'm in love with...

BOYS OVER FLOWERS!! THE best drama EVERR!! (the korean version)... seriously. F4. SO HOT. man... if any of you are looking for something REALLY GOOD and ADDICTING to watch. Watch this. you will never regret it. (and if you do, my bad) (and if you have any questions on how to watch this or just want to spaz with me, pm me or something. i shall tell you or spaz with you xD)

me hearts F4 very very much.


Boys Over Flowers will forever be my love and the drama that got me into the world of k-dramas and 1 Litre of Tears will probably forever be the only drama that got me to cry in literally every freakin episode...

(Taiwanese drama "Autumn's Concerto/Next Stop Happiness" might just have my vote for drama with best story ever now...)



If I ever do overcome my procrastination and laziness, I shall post a story... but until then...


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