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I hate trying to summarize myself, because within DAYS...okay so actually. That's a lie.

I've come to realize this as I updated this a year ago and forgot about it. So now I have to look back and slap myself because, yet again, I think I sound incredibly stupid.

Not going to lie, this is probably my worst character trait. I'm always typing up a profile and then deleting it. Over and over again...

So... here we go again:

My name is Sean and I'm a female. Surprise, surprise... just don't... please. :)

I love to read, I'm slightly addicted to this website, and I hate plagiarizers. (Haha, I'm a hater :))... They totally ruined this site for me, at least... that's what I'm thinking right now. Just becuase all of my favourite authors have left this website.

So um... I plan on posting stories eventually. I like to think I'm creative, I tend to do that thing where I narrate my own life sometimes in my head. Like I'll be walking along and I'll think: "Sean was walking along the dark corridor of her school hallway when suddenly..." and then i'll stop, because I realize yet again how much of a loser I am.

I also like to think I'm very friendly, and I'm trying to come off as friendly.

Maybe this'll hint at what my stories would be like (and dont' say: horrible, because I know i set myself up for that one)... I like to talk to people and I think it comes out when I write.

Unfortunately, I do the same things with what I write as with my profile...

I write... look back... cringe... delete.

Soon, though.

I promise.

Just like communitychannel with her lamingtons.

Haha, no, I kid.

Which reminds me, I used to hate youtube. But now I'm hooked, so that's another interest.

Communitychannel and Kevjumba are my heroes.

Which is also an AMAZING show. Some other amazing shows include FRIENDS.. my life, wrapped in six, amazingly hilarious packages. and So You Think You Can Dance... absolutely amazing. I get shivers just thinking about it.

So You Think You Can Dance also has amazing music. I love the music they play... I love music :)

Feel free to talk to me... anytime :)

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