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My Black Thong:

Thank you guys so much for being patient with it all and thank you all the fans, it means so much.

Leave what you think in reviews, I love to hear what you have to say.

This is my first actual realistic fiction story, so give me some advice.

I have a new story in my mind that I'm going to put into play soon, if you like 'My Black thong' you'll like this one even more.

Watch out for: "The Freshmen"

My Black thong: summary:

Liz Harlem is a genius, A true blood nerd with rich parents. That's until she meets Derik and suddenly her life if flipped upside down. Can she prove him innocent, find the killer of Kristina Carmon, and not fall in love? Who knows between abusive parents, loose room mates, school, and circus clowns, Liz must find herself and really think. Is Derik Sarous Innocent?

The Freshmen: Coming soon: Summary

Scarlet comes from a broken home, and has only had her brother John to keep her safe from harm. He's the IT boy, model, brilliant face, loving heart, smart, and couragous. Can Scarlet compete against this? Especially when they are both inrolled in an Academy far away from home. Can Scarlet make a name for herself and not get lost in the pool that is her brother? especially with her nemisis as a room mate? Romance/Humor

For some idea of how they look, look at my photo


Okay, I have found this wonderful website just like Fictionpress but I'm on it just as much as I am on here. And I have two stories going on there that you guys might enjoy as much as you enjoy this one.

B-Nounced: http:///book/124 - A girl who was raised by a werewolf, has to face angry werewolves, wicked faeries, and deal with two teenage boys who both want her.

My Teacher's Pill: http:///book/132 -Violet is the queen of stupid, She loves skateboarding, hanging with friends, and helping people not die from scrapping their knees. But now she finds herself in front of her teacher, what's a girl to do?

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