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Hey well dnt know wat to write, lol.

My name is Tinashe

Nickname princess kuku bleachhead.

Kuku got it for being for random, my best friend gave it to me.

Bleachhead got it after my sis threw bleach on my head and i had to go to tescos (supermarket) smelling of bleach. lol how embarassing ent.

Am black-african. I lv to write poetry, but am nervous to show it to pple.

Fav cartoon: is grim adventures of billy and mandy. best toon ever made. am also inlove with anime : naruto, naruto shippuden. avatar. and plenty more.hehehehe

Fav movies: matrx trilogy, lotr trilogy, 300, x men trilogy. meet the spartans. wel anything that makes me laugh.(hence anything wit adam sandler, chris tuck, chris rock) anything

Fav musicians: the tempatations, barry white, beyonce, tina turner, teddy pendergrass, brian knight, nickelback, mozart and beethoven (only wen revising) loads more especially old skul love/soul well as gospel music: i love cece winans.

well dats all ama tel u. ahahaha lol am weird.


a touch of frost,

on a cold winter's night.

an arm reached out to her,

one cntact changed her future.

she was redefined,

she was renewed.

hope u will enjoy my stories and poems. and pliz r&r i would very much appreciate it. thank you

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