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Yo!lol :)

Name: Monique

Age: Old Enough...But 4 wat ;)

Ahm Psssh! old enuf to be on F.P.

Gender:..I think the name sehs it all..but just incase..im a man


Oki. So Im monique..In relation to this i guess.. My First luv is definately BOOKS! Then it was MUSIC..I don't know whichh one i luv more now. I lurrvv reading..my frends will always say my obsession wih books is weird.lolol nd music(but alot of ppl lurrv music) I can be very indifferent and noncholant with serious situations and tend to cry OVER movies SONGS Books.

Fav Books: Welll My most recent Luv has been Gone with The Wind :). but ii have MANY OTHERS but i can't name them ALLL out =PI found Pride & Prejduice VERY disappointing :(

Fav Authors: I have MANy but one off teh top of my head is Sarah DessenONe of my earleir luvs

Music: ALL kinds

Movies: NUFF but off the top of my head it would be..Titanic..Notebook..Dark Night...Mouligne Rouge..& randomli

Fiction Press Thoughts

Weirdly as it is..i was first zilla Quizilla. FP is much better than zilla. But it SO hard 2 find good stories..In 'My favorites' is almost evry story i read on F.P. i HATE reading incomplete stories a real pet peev

We reli need sum more great stories on here.

I used to luv writing poems stories..but My poetry writng personalli i thinkMaybbe One day ill share wth u :).

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