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Well, this is awkward...

I would like to first apologise to the person out there who has consistently checked my page every month or so for updates. I applaud your commitment. I would also like to apologise to the people out there (as few as there are) who showed an interest in my work and then saw nothing for their effort. I have a number of excuses, but it would take a terrible person to post them online. So here they are:

- In early January 2008 I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever, and that turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome around July. I would like to say that I am improving after almost a year without work and sport, but it would probably be a lie.

- Secondly, what with the above sickness coinciding with my final year of university, I had a choice: take a year off and let university drag on even longer, or put everything aside and kick it in the teeth, finish regardless of whether I get High Distinctions or Low Passes, and never think about it again. It took two minutes to decide.

And I passed by the skin of my teeth, thank you very much.

I also got a little better when it comes to my writing. And yes, I deleted "Two Princes", mainly because the working title had changed and I had altered the beginning. So, it will be back in a little while, as soon as I change the format of my files to a suitable one for this. Then we can start rolling again.

Perhaps I should leave out the 'again'. One chapter isn't really rolling.


A Note: Kingsfall is the new Two Princes. I'm sorry if that distress you. You have no idea what it does to me.

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