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So, I've been writing stories here for a little while and I thought I should update my profile. My name on here is DreamSweet, as you probably know. I prefer people to call me V, though.

Writing is something I love, as I'm sure that all of you do too. Not everything I post on here will be quality, in fact I'm certain that a large portion of it won't be good at all. That's because I've decided to give myself a challenge twice a year to write a book in a month. I'm doing the first one in may, so a lot of my stuff will be spur of the moment, badly edited ( but still edited, I respect FP's rules) because I'm on this mad dash to write a book in a month. I'll probably have several spelling and grammar errors, but you'll forgive me won't you? Won't you?

Some other details about my life are that I am a teenager, now don't give me that look all of you adults, don't give me that look! I hate being patronised because of my age. Any fellow young writers agree with me? I'm also Australian and proud of it. It really annoys me how this site claims that all spelling except for American spelling is incorrect. To me, it's neighbours not neighbors and favourite not favorite. I understand though, that if you're American, there's really nothing you can do about it.

Yeah, that's about all I have to say. If you want to contact me send me a message or something. I'm big on helping people with their stories and the like, beta-ing, I think it's called. I'm also big on reviewing things, so if you want a good constructive review for one of your stories, I'm your person, well at least if I'm not feeling lazy. If you review me though, I promise to get off my lazy butt and send you a review back. It's the least I can do if you took out some time from your busy life to read one of my little stories.

Anyway, now onto what you're probably here for, my stories!

Organised Crime - This story is my new baby. It's a twisted sci-fi conspiracy story, which involves a little bit of romance later on. So if you want to read about the new, sick, form of eugenics, then this story is for you. It really is ok even though the first chapter is a little tedious, so have a read and tell me what you think.

Son of a Rockgod - Well, the title really says it all. Haven't you ever wondered how those poor kids of drug addicted rockstars get on? Well, I did one day when I was bored and this story was the result.

My oneshots are better than my longer stories, I think, anyway. So you should check them out too :D Oh and remember to review!

Have fun reading and writing kids, and if you have a cool new story up or know of an awesome story, drop me a line. I'd like to read as many things on here as possible I just can't be stuffed to scroll through everything sometimes.


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