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"Sometimes you may never know what to expect out of life but you just have to do what you believe is right." - YukiKomorebi


Have not written in a long time... I do not know if they will ever get finished. Hopefully maybe one day... they will.

But I haven't have much to say so a little info about me is below. If you wish to contact me then send me a message on here. More contact information will be listed under my info about me.

Name: Erika
Age: You'll never know
Gender: Female
B-day: Feb. 28
Country: United States (US)
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Dreaming, Friends, Sports (Volleyball and Soccer), and etc...
Music: Anything really all except I'm not a big fan of Rap and Metal or Hard Metal
Nickname: Hmm...I don't really have a nickname. If you guys have one tell me and I'll think about it. ;)
Fav Authors: Tim Bowlers, Sarah Addison Allen, and etc.
Fav Books: Frozen Fire, Garden Spells, The Messenger, Vampire Academy Series, House of Night Series, and etc...

Current Stories:

Unexpected Change: (Writing) She never knew one night could change her life. She didn't think he would be part of a family who had killed her own. She was out for revenge and she didn't have much else to look forward to but revenge. However, one night could change everything.

The Dark Night: (Rewriting) What happens when three worlds collides? Alyssa has been a vampire for a century and yet a war is soon starting to stir within the Night. What will happen when four others join her? What happens when she could possibly love one of the four?

Long Lost Friends to Lovers: (On Hiatus) Shellie, an average girl who's gone through so much until her long lost childhood friend, Aiden, moves back into town. Will Shellie let him in or will Aiden have to go through a rough road to get to her?

Current Poems:

New poems are out! Let me know what you think about them!

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