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Oi mates!

Wow, so I haven't uploaded this profile in two years. I'm sad. And ashamed. Mostly ashamed.

Anywho, interesting stuff about me:

I really like the word "anywho". It's awesome, even if Word doesn't recognize it as an actual word. We know better, don't we? Sarcasm is my favorite thing ever. I'm married to it. I have a certificate and everything...even if I lost it...point here being that if I can misplace my marriage certificate, you shouldn't marry me. I'm Canadian and, as such, have an eternal love for hockey and snow. Also moose and beavertails, but that's another thing entirely.

Non seulement suis-je canadienne, mais canadienne française en plus! Gênez-vous pas de m'envoyer des messages en français, ça me fait hyper plaisir!

Hmm... what else... I'm currently attending my first year at Ottawa University. I think I'm on my way to becoming a doctor. Or a rockstar. Whichever happens first, I guess. I'm a big music fan. Actually, music is my mistress in my monogamous relationship with sarcasm. Feel free to send me a PM to talk music! I'd adore that!

Okay, I'm gonna stop rambling now. Hope you guys enjoy whatever character managed to escape from the recesses of my mind to the world wide web. I am eternally your servant.

With all my love,

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