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Greetings, from Shukara

I bid you a good day, where ever you may be, and I delight in the fact that you have chosen to take interest in my...delicious works of fiction. I shall write you nothing but yaoi glore. I do try to update the best I can but my resources are limited and I tend to be an ungrateful slacker and decide to just stop where ever the mood takes me, leaving horrible cliff hangers and angsty chaos in my wake. But, let us not dwell on the lesser details.

I enjoy your base flaming. I shall make the most wonderous s'mores and feed all that care to eat.

If you wish for me to have a sequel, you have a request, or you simply wish for me to hurry up and end the torture I am inflicting on your poor life with my cliff hangers -message me, email me, review me. Simple.

To my dear co-writer, who wishes to take no credit for the much work they put in to my stories, thank you my dear friend. Many perfect and imperfect pairings could not have happened without your gentle touch.

As for ME:

Name: Shukara

Age: I wonder somedays...

Location: Delightfully in someone's closet

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: A bit of a git, humorous smart-ass, tad bit annoying, in need of a spell check in my brain, egotiscial, the essence of perfection, sarcastic, quite ducky

Interest: Jrock, yaoi, manga, anime, pocky, vampires, angels, smut, painting, singing,

You can also find me at my forum which is worth seeing if you enjoy anything slashable.

Slashable RP http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/Slashable_RP/2402/

You can also find my fanfics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~hentaidarkangel

(I have yet to post anything on there but keep checking.)

You can also find my Gravitation fanfiction here: http:///authors.php?no=2563

You can also find all my other fiction here: http:///

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