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UPDATE 01/07/2013: To save anyone from asking, as I have received a lot of messages about this, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT be selling Little Less Obvious to anyone, any company, NO NOTHING. This story was written about four years ago, but it is still something that is precious to me; it's like my baby and I can't imagine selling it to anyone, no matter what the price. Please do not message me about "buying the rights" to Little Less Obvious because I will not be selling it. Also, to my lovely and wonderful and fantastical readers, thanks again for all the support, I am truly, truly grateful for everything!

Update 7/18/11: I have been trying to write new shizz but it hasn't really been working for me. I read some of my old crap (LLO) and I actually chuckle at the shit they say and I'm like holy S, how did I even write like that when I was sixteen and I write like an effing elementary school child three years later? It just boggles my mind. I'm sorry, I am trying to think of shit but it's actually hard. I don't know, just a little blurb of what the eff I've been doing all this time since I haven't posted in like, three years. Anywho, thanks again for reading and supporting me and the characters of LLO. You're all amazing human beings

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