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In the Norwegian newspaper "Dagbladet", they sometimes have a very short profile interview ending with the question: "If Heaven existed, what would you like God to say to you when you arrived?" In my case, it would be more like "what would I say to God". It would probably be something like this: "Oh. You *do* exist. Well, this is some holy mess, huh? I mean, it seems like you just gave us enough to base three main religions and several smaller under-religions on, and then left us to ourselves! Honestly, free will is wonderful, but there is something called paternal guidance as well. Did you know that there is a war going on where both sides believe that you will grant them victory?"

I was born on summer's day (14th of April) in Bergen, Norway. I have brown eyes, and generally look kind of sad. I have fluorescent stars stuck on the roof in my room. I have a map of Narnia on my closet door. My shelves are filled with books. I try to escape this world by reading fantasy and science fiction. I prefer talking to people I will never meet again over talking to people I know slightly. It takes me half a year to become comfortable around a person.

I am a pacifist, but did fall in love with a sword once, and I do take a certain pleasure in gutting fish.

I would have been a vegetarian if I did not love meat so much.

I am an agnostic and a socialist.

I wrote "Verden går til Helvete" (the World is going to Hell) on one of the desks in the classroom.

I start crying for nothing.

I play the viola (no, that is not a spelling mistake).

I have two sisters (one of them writing here as aurora borealis) and a nephew who loves coffee (he is two years old).

I also write with my sister and my best friend under the name "The Black Gang".

I have a sick sense of humour.

I am afraid of hurting people.

I agreed with Bill Watterson when he said that "The most certain sign there is intelligent life in space is that they have not contacted us". (That was not a direct quote, by the way - I have only read it translated to NOrwegian, and had to translate it back.)

You people who read what I write should be grateful I do not write everything I think - or publish everything I write.

Enter my world at your own risk.

Fata Morgana

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