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Hi!! My name is Nora, and I am precisely 12.5 years old, and am in the 7th grade. If I am nervous, I have a tendency to say "hee", instead of "hi", when someone says hello to me. If my friends are being kind, they say I am quirky. I'm a pretty good writer, if I do say so myself (which I do), but I can't think of any good story ideas. Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions! Julian: thank you for introducing me to this site, but you are still not the ruler of the world. No matter what. Sorry.

I have an addiction to reading, and I love to write. I usually don't like sci fi or fantasy at all. I like beating up trees and reading manga. Voila!

(P.S. Over half my poems are drabble that happens to be worded well. Enjoy.)

Favorite Books:

Anything by Markus Zuzak


Sophie's World

The Life of Pi

Mediator Series

Maximum Ride

Vampire Kisses

Julian's FictionPress Profile: Xenochron

My FanFiction Profile: VintageReminder

Julian's FanFiction Profile: Xenochron

WARNING: Do NOT read Julian's FanFiction pieces if you would like to retain your sanity. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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