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Hey derr, fraainds. (:

(゚、 。 7
l、 ヽ
じしf, )ノ

Reading and reviewing is much appreciated.
Enjoy. ;D

Hmm ... so ... what about li'l ol' me?
I am Michele. :3
22 and college student.
William Moseley fan girl.
I swoon over the voices of Tyler Glenn, Davey Havok, Bill Kaulitz, and Gerard Way and I can listen to them all day. (Hey! That rhymed!)
Indie rock. I am a Neon Trees fan girl.
Proudly a Ravenclaw and we are the cleverest and most eccentric of the rest of them. ;)
In love with a boy that isn't a celebrity and knows I exist ... And the best part is that he loves me back. c':
Ellen Schreiber is, and will always be, my favorite author. I love her. :3
J.K. Rowling. 'Nuff said.
The Office. Bob's Burgers. Walking Dead. Gossip Girl. Inuyasha. Adventure Time.
Neon Trees. Muse. My Chemical Romance. AFI. The Killers.
Johnny Depp. David Thewlis. Alan Rickman. Emma Watson. Anne Hathaway. Emma Stone. Sesshomaru.
Hunchback of Notre Dame. Nightmare Before Christmas. Lord of the Rings. Narnia.
Vampire Kisses. Harry Potter. House of Night. Hunger Games. Junie B. Jones.
I constantly start stories, and then take them off when I don't want to finish them.
Fanfiction.net account (just in case you're interested ;P): emodinosaurX3
Interested in more awesome stuff? Go to BrutieBoots' profile. She's got stuff for you. ;) Everything is jam-packed with awesomesauce.
That is all. ;)

ϟ Harry Potter geek forever

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