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it's totally amazing, but I've got two stories up.
GASP. i know, it's totally amazing.

i guess you can know a bit about me, stalker minions!

so, i'm a blonde.
well, my hair's dirty blonde.
but with all the 'blonde moments' i have,
i swear.
no offense to anybody of a hair color, or even bald people.

another thing, i'm pretty smart.
as a friend of mine said; i'm "smarticle".


people think that i'm quiet.
personally, i think that i just don't have anything to say.
meaningless chatter means nothing to me, though i do ramble a lot when i'm hyper.

at school, when i want to be hyper, i'm calm.
at home with my multipule pets and few family members, i'm hyper.

my eyes are hazel; maning that they're green&light brown mixed together.

i love to read, draw, and writing

i am christian, and i'm trying to become a better one.

i love to listen to music, but i don't like the whole
'you stole my boyfriend'
'lets get drunk and sleep with random people in clubs'
type of lyrics.

even though i don't do it often, i talk about shopping at the randomest of times.

one of my best days was going to Super Target with my friend, and wandering around. i dunno why.

i'm never gonna be taller than 5'4.

i cant run distances to save my life...

and I have this 'disease' called randomness.

i talk to myself a lot.

and write in my journal almost every day.

also- i like to surf, but I'm not one to go in 45 degree sea water just to surf, so I"ll wait till spring to start back up again.

and i'd love to learn archery.

that's it for now.

Stories I'm Working On:

Walking Boxes and Batman Towels: So- I'm dragged out my front door one random summer morning by a guy with blue hair, that tells me I like penguins. A girl wearing leather skinny jeans blindfolds me with a purple sequinned scarf. I meet somebody's cousin's friend's sister. Strange much?

I'll update a chapter or two or three in the next week! M'dad's laptop doesn't have Word. It's weird. So...when I'm back to being forced to go to school, I'll be back to updating. Yipee.

Character Pictures: I may or may not put up pictures. If you find any good ones, please please please tell me. :D


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