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Hey! So it's been two years since I updated anything! Yeah! But I've been writing all this time, so hopefully I'll start posting here again. :)


Current Favorites

Movie: Despicable Me

Book: Gossip Girl. I've given in :)

Song: Speechless by Lady Gaga.

TV: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Holy. Eff.

Youtube: itskingsleybitch!! He makes me cry laughing :D

You, My Friend, Are Dreadfully Mistaken

Almost done! :D

Jack Spade This is Alex Evans, but I think the expression makes it work :D

Ronnie Ha! I love this kid's expression! xD That's a "Jack. Shut up." face if ever I saw one. Just make him blonde, and his hair a little more... natural. :D

It's Really Rather Charming

'Tis being rewritten. Slowwwwwly rewritten.

Charlie I think he's awfully cute. xD

Maine He's doing the "YOU WANNA PIECE OF THIS?!" arms-thing. It works.

Lio Except take away the piercings and makeup. And give him brown hair. :)

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