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Hi everyone! I'm from Australia and enjoy writing in its many forms. My main influences are pretty much Horror and Action movies, games and books, as well as a LOT of music.


What I'm doing now:

Cracked Porcelain - FINISHED! CHAP 5 & 6 UP!

Thanks you anyone who was waiting for being so patient. The ending hopefully clears up the story nicely without ambiguity. Enjoy.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Finally done. Who said I never finish anything (don't look at Coriniaids)? Thanks to everyone who read it and left feedback. To everyone who faved it or C2d it or reviewed it (review game or not) - Thanks!!

The story revolves around Julie, a heavily tattooed young woman who slowly engorges herself in a psychological maze of cryptic dreams and visions, unable to discern reality from dream any more. A mark on her palm which she believes is a tattoo she received while drunk is the only link between the two. Will she be able to discover the meaning behind the dreams before it's too late?


Need a fix of brutal horror short stories? Just take a look at Kar-zid's Don't Fear the Reaper It's so great I couldn't resist writing a few stories for it myself. They are Chapter 7 and Chapter 9. As soon as Cracked Porcelain is finished you can bet I'll be racing him to get the coveted CHAPTER 13. I have plans for later chapters, IF YOU ENJOY MY SHORT STORIES LOOK OUT FOR MORE HERE, IT GETS HEAVIER AND MORE BRUTAL: I GUARANTEE!!


While pretty much everything I write has a general horror theme to it, I'm open to other types of stories. If you review one of my stories I will usually review you back (unless its for the review game, but even then I might). Just keep in mind my attention span is pretty short and so short stories usually are favoured.

WOOHOO! 100 Signed Reviews Submitted! 28-5-08

First, if I review you, don't expect me to review any more of your stuff (unless its magical and I love it) if you don't reply to the review. Even just a "thanks for the review" thing. I will note here that there has so far only been one exception to this rule (SHAMELESS PLUG)

Death Waltz by Divine Macabre - Check it out!! (UPDATE ALREADY!)

Second, I am not a great reviewer. I try to give some concrit, but if all I give you is "Great story, I really loved..." then take it as a compliment.

Third, if you review me, I will always try to reply, even if I've been drinking excessively. Any reviews are appreciated, just try to tell me what you like AND don't like.

Big shout out to my reviewers. Thanks heaps for the concrit and to the few of you who loved my stories enough to favorite them or C2 them. Here is the list.


Otseis Ragnarok



loves him

Pry Out Your Eyes
Justin A Caynon

Asherah Seirei
Oceans of Mercury

Sentance Winder
Sercus Kaynine
Harmonic Discord
Arianna Sterling
Tawny Owl

Please note: if you want to be taken off the list or want me to change your name (if you have nicknames etc) just PM me. I might be busy (getting drunk or practicing guitar) but it will get done within a week.

If you want reviews, head over to The Review Game! It's great and you'll get to read some good stories that you might not normally.


Conditional Love

Another piece branching from the usual, this story is my first one which is eligible for a "T" rating. Now don't worry, just because it's not full of gore doesn't mean it's not delightfully twisted and spine chilling. It was part of a longer story which wouldn't exactly translate to a book so I decided to take one scene which bends the plot and let it stand on it's own. Review this story and I do the same.

Final Goodbye

This is a little different to my other stuff. It is about a man on his way home. After suffering a horrific accident which claims his life, he gets a taste of the afterlife and says goodbye to himself. Different themes in this, and a different feel. I have been reading all your reviews and have tried to incorporate them into this. I would really like feedback on this as I'm not sure what worked and what didn't.

The Last Train

This story is back to my love for monsters. Its short (only 1300 words), but I have tried to incorporate your reviews into my writing style, focusing on emotions and feelings a little more. That said, its still FULL OF GORE and of my usual writing style. Please give me feedback on it if you enjoy it (or if you don't).

Falling from Great Heights

My first story on here that doesn't involve monsters. Richard, a man who's life has been torn apart by divorce is no longer on the edge. He is over it, plotting to have revenge against his ex-wife from a high rise rooftop. It's only 800 words so just read it.

Faen's Brutality

I tried to write something without monsters, but when this idea popped in my head I simply couldn't resist. It is about a substitute teacher's first day, which goes from horrible to worse when a large black brutish monster appears in the doorway, effectively preventing escape. It begins eating the children, causing Catherine Navarre to act and protect the children. This is probably my most disturbing story so far, and is definitely a must for fans of Chau.


A one shot story about a recently married man who is awoken by a disgusting creature in the middle of the night. After realising it was a dream, he investigates lights turned on in the house, let the fun begin. Can't say too much more, because it'd ruin it - JUST READ THE STORY.



No, it's not actually about a plague of dwarves that can hear everything. It's about the city of Ann, in the year 2075. Crime is unheard of, until a madman blows up a train station, killing lots of people. Detectives Harry and Gwen chase him out to the desert, where they are taken to a demi-universe, where the citizens attack all who they don't understand and time is spiralling backwards out of control. They must find their killer and escape before the true nature of the town is unleashed on them.

UPDATE: Due to a general lack of interest (no reviews and only 3 or 4 views), I have decided to put this story on the backburner for a while, to develop my short story writing skills

Second chapter of Coraniaids is up.

I really love writing and try to churn out something at least once a week. If you have any ideas for stories or like my style and want to colaborate, just PM me, keep in mind though that I have a very sick and desensitised sense of humour, and will always go for the shock above all else. I'm looking for any kind of plot twists which smack the reader with maximum impact, so if you have a good story, PM me and I WILL read it (provided it isn't over 10,000 words, then I will think about it :P).

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