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Name; Alessandro, Alex to normal people.

Age - 17, but old enough to be considered mature. :)

Hobbies: Art, Drawing, Running in circles, Singing, Dance, Hiking, Running, Jones Soda, Video Games and more.

Passions: Love, nuff said.

Orientation; Gay and proud.

Location - The middle of nowhere in nowhere, kentucky. =./

These are pretty much the basics. Not a little paragraph. ,..,

I joined this website due to the influence of a magnificent boy who thought I should, because he is under the impression I can write. Writing is honestly one of my favorite things to do, honestly because I spout it our religiously and daily. On the upside, I was published last year and it excited me. But, it wasn't that major. Hopefully though all of my artistic whims will come to fruition and I will fall in love with Prince Charming and it will be amazing ah? Okay. I am rambling;

Side note about my writing: I don't really follow, "rules" to writing. My poems aren't really set up like poems, or stories, and it's all very confusing. Thus, I will usually refer to all of my work as pieces, rather than stories or poems, etc. :)

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