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Hello, and welcome to my little patch of writings. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as i like to write them. I am rewriting some of my old stuff so i will be updating that as soon as I can. But none the less i do hope that you enjoy and please leave some feed back. Always open to suggestions. here are a few quotes.

from my fave authors:

"You are the only thing I have that is neither duty nor obligation, the only thing I chose for myself. The only thing I want. "
Holly Black (Ironside: A Modern Faery's Tale)

"The more powerful you become, the more others will find ways to master you. They'll do it through those you love and those you hate. They will find the bit and the bridle that fits your mouth and will make you yield. "
Holly Black (Ironside: A Modern Faery's Tale)

""Did we have sex?" he asked directly.
For about two minutes, this might actually be fun. "Eric," I said, "we had sex in every position I could imagine, and some I couldn’t. We had sex in every room in my house, and we had sex outdoors. You told me it was the best you’d ever had." (At the time he couldn’t recall all the sex he’d ever had. But he’d paid me a compliment.) "Too bad you can’t remember it," I concluded with a modest smile.
Eric looked like I’d hit him in the forehead with a mallet. For all of thirty seconds his reaction was completely gratifying."
Charlaine Harris (Dead as a Doornail)

""By the way, I haven't heard an 'I'm sorry' from you yet." My sense of grievance had overwhelmed my sense of self-preservation.
"I am sorry that the maenad picked on you."
I glared at him. "Not enough," I said. I was trying hard to hang on to this conversation.
"Angelic Sookie, vision of love and beauty, I am prostrate that the wicked evil maenad violated your smooth and voluptuous body, in an attempt to deliver a message to me."
"That's more like it.""
Charlaine Harris (Living Dead in Dallas)

"...But also because I find I really do…" He paused, as if he were about to say something outrageous. "I find I have feelings for you."
"Oh," I said into his chest, sounding as astonished as Eric had(...)"Eric," I said, after a long pause, "I almost hate to say this, but I have feelings for you, too."
Charlaine Harris (Dead to the World)

"But there's a juicy artery in your groin," he said after a pause to regroup, his voice as slithery as a snake on a slide.
"Don't you talk dirty," I told him. "I won't listen to that."
Charlaine Harris (Dead Until Dark)

"I'm the wife of a king, and the mother of kings. And I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. So fuck off, Jack.- Queen Christina (The Royal Treatment)"
MaryJanice Davidson

"Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting."
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Demon in My View)

"We are not.
We never were; we never shall be. We return to the void we never, for mehay is the center of all, and all is the center of nothing."
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Wyvernhail)

"Love is the strongest emotion any creature can feel except for hate, but hate can't hurt you. Love, and trust, and friendship, and all the other emotions humans value so much, are the only emotions that can bring pain. Only love can break a heart into so many pieces. "
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (In the Forests of the Night)

"those who cannot be aggressive are hunted down while they shiver and hidebecause the night is dark"
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (In the Forests of the Night)

""Ever hear of the phrase, Banging you're head on a brick wall?"
"Ah, but you forget, Darren, vampires can break brick walls with their heads.""
Darren Shan (Hunters of the Dusk (Cirque Du Freak, Book 7))

"Even a minute of dying is better than an eternity of nothingness. "
Darren Shan (Sons of Destiny)

"Ten Things You Shouldn't Say on a Date.
1. You're wearing that?
2. Something smells funny.
3. Where's the Tylenol?
4. And to think, I first wanted to date your brother.
5. I have a confession to make…
6. My dad has a suit just like that.
7. That man is hot. Look at him.
8. My ex, may he rot in hell forever…
9. You're going to order that? Seriously?
10. You're how old?"
Gena Showalter (Animal Instincts)

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