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Okay people, first thing's first, I'm back in school, and that means I'm not going to have much time to work on my stories, I'm sorry but it's the cold hard truth!! SORRY!!

hands out cookies to those who've read my stories and now have to wait

Hey! Tis I the one the only, Innocence of Chaos!! WHOOOO!!

Yeah... about that...

Alright, here goes nothing! I dream the ultimate dream: to become an author, one worth having their works published and read. I know I'm probably not worth that, not even close, but I do hope that one day I will make it to that level.

I've been on what's the word... hiatus maybe, I don't have an excuse, but my brain really didn't want to cooperate, and my stories have all been taken down. They're heinous. I'm working on editing stuff I still have, and maybe re-writing some of them.

Also, I've noticed I've written a bunch of "Chick gets power, chick kicks but, yay her" sort of stories, so I'm going with a few more or less about average people.

One being your average "Zombie Apocolypse" story, just wanted a little gore in my life XD. and one about a group (both males and females) stumbling upon some spells and such, and not having control. So yeah, keep an eye ope huh?

Works in progress:

You'll see ;P


Music Artists: Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus, Terii Clark, The Wreckers, The Dixie Chicks, and that's about it...

Songs: "I kissed a Girl" , "Seven Things" , "One of the Guys".

Books: The Harry potter series, The House of Night Series, The Blue Blood series, and Curse of the Blue Tattoo.

Websites: Fictionpress ( Duhhhh), (WHOO CHILDISH SUPER-SPECIAL-AWESOME-NESS!)

Hobbies: Playing with my puppy-dogs(twelve of them, all Doberman Pincher and for the record Dobies are the exact opposite of the way they are portrayed in movies and all that), Listening to my music (Country all the way! Well usually. ), Reading (I have a favorite books category DUH I enjoy reading), and Writing (Whoa!! NO WAY!!)


I am painfully skinny. I have been called every derogatory name on the planet which refers to that in any way. I hate it and thus some of my charries are very angry people. _ Yay death! XD JK-JK!!

I write my stories when I've got some attitude or something, really happy, really sad, what ever. Thus my stories are very emotionally important to me.

So, that's me. Check out the story or stories below and read them. leave a review if you care to. Thanx!


~Edited by Sparkles

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