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Hey! So a little about me: I've been writing on and off for about four years now, except I've only recently considered my work worth posting. There's probably not a lot else that anyone is interested in hearing, so I'll talk a bit about my stories instead. Expect the Unexpected: this is a story I'm taking a long and much-needed break from. For more info, see the summary. Eavesdropping: a complete, short story that I wrote for an English class. It's something I like to think about when my progress with other work sucks. Check it out; let me know what you think. Diamonds in the Sky: I love the ideas I have for Rob and Victoria. Right now it's on hold because I don't like the direction it's going in at the moment, but it'll pick up soon, I hope. Pick Me A Winner: I am totally in love with this story. Annaliese's story is that of a foreigner trying to make it - and succeeding, in the public eye - in a new country, but who is at war with her ideals and morals; she's living in a world of superficiality while trying to discover what she wants out of life. And, of course, Quin is fucking hot. In my book, anyway :) lemme know what you all think, please! and finally, The Lewis and Clark Expedition: this is a story I dreamt about, actually. Embarrassing, I know. But I love L.A., I love the museums, and I love the idea of a ex-marine turning into a suer-hot museum curator :D. Review that one too, if you please! Hopefully I'll manage to post some links for character pictures soon; until then, message me with any comments or questions, and have a fantastic life! -dorkified and lovely
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