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Name: Not Mary Jane.

List of Favorites: Music, tofu, holidays, no school work weekdays, hotdogs, review/ favorite alerts in my inbox, Chunky soup, Paris, Switzerland, the sound of guitar, drums, Itunes, Ipod, friends, reading, Faber Drive, alternative rock, Paramore, Dougie Poynter, Photoshop, A Cinderella Story, Forrest Gump, smell of bookstores, people who don't brag that they played guitar, restaurants which got clean washrooms, Twilight series, Edward Cullen, Fictionpress (haha), people calling my cell phone, people who are nice to me, people who know how to spell my name accurately, etc.

Favorite Authors: Sarah Dessen, Stephenie Meyer, Meg Cabot, Jane Austen, etc.

- When Your Brother Is In A Band
(Complete), one shot. My first ever one shot.
- Everything Seems Better (Complete), one shot.
- Subliminal Cliche (In-progress), just decided to post it here.
- Bright Lights and Shadow (In-progress, ON-HIATUS), which needs some serious editing.
- More Than That (In-progress), I had posted the prologue in a different website and it is called "The Secret is in the Telling" at that time, but I no longer think it suits the story, so.. I change it! :D

Upcoming project:
- My NaNoWriMo project, which is not even half way done. Yeah, I'm such a loser, and I know it. Sigh.


Posted a new story called More Than That. Hope you guys will enjoy it? Even though I can't update as much as I like to.

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