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:About Me:

The name is Kat and I love to read. Boom. Mind blown. Never before seen to Fictionpress.
I read anything and everything. However, favorite published authors are Tamora Pierce, Sharon Shinn, Zora Neale Hurston, Eva Ibbotson among many. I do have a goodreads if you find this random page and want to check out what I'm up to.
My favorite movies span from the Breakfast Club to Howls Moving Castle, La Vita Bella to Like Crazy, or Princess Diaries to Black Hawk Down.
I couldn't say who my favorite fictionpress author is. I think there are so many immensely talented authors on this site. However, if you want to get idea who I like just look at my Favorites. Be warned: I have not edited this list at all, so they are not all masterpieces and a lot of authors have removed the masterpieces from fictionpress.

:Thoughts of Fictionpress:

Been lurking on fictionpress for over a decade, cool to see some real authors grow from here. I wish this site was still used more, instead of many young writers going directly to self publishing. I believe the process of work-shopping and editing books here really gives young writers a chance to learn what works for them and what works for an audience.

(edited recently to be less embarrassing)

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