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I really really hate all of you plagiarizers out there!! So many of my favorite (and part of my top 10) FP writers are taking down their stories because of your insensitivity and stupidity!! :P

Plagiarizing is absolutely unforgivable!! I know I am not a writer but I definitely know the effects of plagiarizm on the writers and readers and can fully understand how these writers feel when something they put so much effort and time into can no longer be appreciated by the community because certain idiots don't think they'll get caught!

To the writers who have been plagiarized: I am aware that many of your fans are incensed due to the absolute removal of your stories but also ask that you make it up to us by getting published!! That will be the only way in which we can be able to read your stories again!! You have my full (and continuous) support!

Please keep me updated!! :D

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