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her name is jem PM
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my name is jem.

and i love writing.

i also love the beach.

i love watching the sunset.

i love travelling.

i love water slides.

i love romance. i'm sucker for love stories.

i love puppies.

i love chocolates and all kinds of sweets.

i love swimming.

i love photography.

i love smiles.

i love dreaming. at night and day :)

i love laughing with my friends.

i love movies. tv. and music.

i love waking up. and finding out i still have a few more hours left to sleep.

i love making new friends. and keeping old ones.

i love singing in the shower.

i love holidays and weekends.

i love ice cream.

i love knowing i can trust someone.

i love gazing up at the stars.

i love knowing that i belong.

i love loving and being loved.

i love my imagination. it takes me wherever, whenever i want to.

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