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About me:Wow. I could not figure out how to update my profile before this.

Ok so for those who want to know I am 17 and I am a senior in high school. Yea, and I ride horses. I have a pony named Make A Splash, who I qualified for national pony finals 3 times. She just had surgery and won't be able to do it this year. I just bought a horse on May 18, 2008, his barn name is Chiqui(which I shortened from Chiquitito, and his show name is Oh Sweetheart, I don't know how I got on without him. I go to a teensy tiny high school in Delaware that I just love, prep extraordinaire. Anyway. I enjoy this site. Oh yea, I have a deviant art it is at so go have fun looking at the pictures and vectors that I do. oh and you'll notice, my deviant i.d. is the same picture my avatar is on here. Yayness. Oh and there is pictures of my pony on my photobucket: http:///albums/v213/AlexandraWhite/Splash/ if you reallly want to see her. I personally luff her.

I love music from Death Cab for Cutie, Architecture in Helsinki, Matt Costa, Bright Eyes, Jack Johnson, Panic At The Disco, Kate Nash, Metro Station, Hellogoodbye, Elliot Smith, Jose Gonzalaz, Wilco a bunch of others.

I read anything I can get my hands on, maybe one day I will make a complete list but I looove The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and Wicked Lovely.

7.27.08: Guess who's typing up a chapter of AH!? MEEEEEEE hahaha my computer is FIXED and I am back from the dead!

Love you alllll if you need to drop me a PM I can check those pretty fast but typing up all the chapters is going to suck. Majorly.

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