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Hi! what's up every one. Well first of all I would like to say that I am a horrible speller but I will do my best so sorry in advance. lol Well I love to read and write. I love all the classics and that includes music. I will listen to just about every thing but I prefer no heavy rap or country. I will say this in advance that I do not put things up very often and when I'm writing a story I don't always put up the next chapter right away cause I like for my things to be near perfect or at least as perfect as some one like me can get something to be. Last but not least I believe that If you have Jesus Christ in you heart and soul your set for life. So with out further a due, I give you a small part of me in my stories.

Hey every one I'm having trouble putting my home page up so I'm going to put it down here. So go check it out and find out whats going on with all of my storys and some times even my life. I will try to update regularly. But no promises I'm pretty busy at times. Totul-lu!


Hello everyone! So just incase anyone is actually reading this, do anyone happen to remember my original summary for Arrowhead Mountain. I may have accidentally deleted it and I hate the new one I have up right now. So if you could send it to me that would be awesome.

Thanks A-Million,


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